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About whatsleft62

Hi, my birth name is Terri (not Teresa or any variation). I was born a Gemini and indeed own many of those traits (good and bad) in 1962. I have a knack for writing. I tend to be analytical, overly detailed, yet if it were me reading someone's personal story, I'd like as many details as possible. I have many layers to me and many truths to tell.

One Blog, One Woman, One Explanation

Hi, my name is Terri and this is my first attempt (well second, thanks to Internet Explorer closing down on me, two sentences into my first attempt) at creating a blog to unleash my personal stories of truth.  Please be aware and understand that these entries are my authentic true stories as experienced by me. 

I have been told by many people over the years such things as “you should be a writer,” “you should write a book,” “Mom you should start your own blog.”  So here I am.  It hasn’t been easy finding my way into starting my blog.  I am analytical to a fault, detail oriented, which served me well during my career of working for the federal government from 1980-2006.  I am opinionated, and often times far too “windy.”  I tend to over tell (detail oriented syndrome) and drag my story, my conversations, my explanations out to where I lose my reader, my listener.  I may apologize for that fault, however, I doubt I can change my style.  It’s a part of me.

I started to seriously consider creating and maintaining my own blog a few months ago.  Since that time, I have researched how to do it for free, without restrictions, to be able to tell my truths as easily and somewhat polished as possible.  I have read many blog entries of others over the past few years, admiring most.  I didn’t quite realize how much is involved in the process.  One must be dedicated, willing to learn, have a goal or at the very least the “why I want to blog” answer intact.  I would say I dabbled in research and review of the how to’s of blogging.  I make no claim of proficiency or anywhere near experience at this time.  I envision this as a journey of learning, release, freedom, courage, conviction, and experience.

My counselor (aka therapist), whom is a joyous story or three on her own, suggested a book to me at my January session.  It’s called Safe People, written by two male Phd’s.  I downloaded the book Saturday, and have read just a few pages thus far.  I sampled the book via playbooks first (allows a preview of a portion of the book) to see if the idea I had in my mind of what this book was going to be about was on the money or off.  It was on the money.  I thought perhaps I should/would blog about my thoughts and truths regarding what I was going to read, learn, realize about self and others.  So, yes, I will blog about the book in entries to come.

I don’t plan to blog in any type of chronological order, meaning, whatever true story I want to blog about I shall.  I’m usually an all over the place type person anyway.  One day I may blog about my childhood, the next about my experiences with menopause, the next about the time I had to retrieve a co-worker friend from a motel room filled with at least 7 of the male strippers we just watched do their show an hour earlier and yes, my truth about safe and unsafe people relationships.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.